A Christmas light show that's out of this world!

Frequently Asked Questions

At a glance:

We've moved to North Little Rock! Visit us at our new location:

Located at the corner of Szymanski & Wilkiewicz Road, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118 (CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS)

Our lights will run form Dec 4th - Jan 3rd, weather permitting. We never operate in heavy rain. Check below for the status of the show.

Monday-Thursday 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM. & Friday and Saturday 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM.

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  1. Is the light show free or do I need a ticket?
    - The light show is free since it is on a public street, however If you want to use our E.L.F. (Electric Lights that Flash) System (to pick songs from our library--like a jukebox) , you are required to make a donation. Save time and donate/purchase access ahead of time. Click Here to buy a "ticket" for the E.L.F.
    You do not have to pay anything or buy a ticket to see our show. We do ask for donations that benefit our hearts 4 holidays project, where we give back to nursing home patients that would otherwise receive nothing for Christmas this year.
  2. Is this a walk through or drive through show?
    - Our show is a residential home that puts this show on every year. You park on the street, tune your car radio to the specified radio station (displayed at the show) and you can stay as long as you’d like and watch the show. Please stay in your vehicle and do not enter our yard.
  3. How many songs do you have?
    - We have 15 total songs that our lights are choreographed to. Each night, we will pick three songs at random and play those on a loop. If you’d like to hear more songs, or pick from our entire database of songs, just use the ControlOurLights.com E.L.F (Electric Lights that Flash) System, by going to www.ControlOurLights.com when you are at our light show.
  4. What songs do you have to pick from?
    - You a view a list of our songs we have by clicking here.
  5. Why is it called "Lights On Jupiter"?
    - Surprisingly, it has no affiliation with the planet "Jupiter". In short, we started out on a road called Jupiter Drive, and the name kind of stuck. Now we like to say that Lights On Jupiter is certainly something that is out of this world!
  6. Have more questions?
    - You can Click Here to submit a contact request, call us at 501-725-0003 or send us a message on facebook.